Golf Operations & Fleet Golf Carts

Helping golf operators thrive in this hyper-competitive era drives Club Car to design and build the most reliable, highest quality, and technologically advanced golf cars and light-duty utility vehicles in the industry. With products and services that adapt to any operation's needs, Club Car is working on all fronts to achieve one goal: To be an indispensable partner in the success of our customer's businesses.

Golf Cars

What's happening at Club Car goes way beyond restyling our best-in-class golf cars. It's about big ideas that delight your customer and improve your bottom line. See it in the Connected solutions platform engineered into every Precedent i3, in the game-building Precedent 4FUN and E.R.I.C., our brilliant charging system. Competitive landscapes demand inspired thinking. Club Car has risen to the challenge.

Utility Vehicles

For all the advancements Club Car has introduced to turf utility vehicles, the motivation comes down to one simple result: Work ethic. Vehicles that go where you need them to go, doing the jobs you need them to do, day in, day out, without problems. As long as courses put high demands on our vehicles, Club Car will keep innovating new ways to get the jobs done.

Refreshment Centers

Progressive courses are finding on course sales of food and beverage produce significant revenue. Offer high margin items like cigars and golf balls and, well, applying some retail 101 to the equation makes a lot of ROI sense. Club Car"s food and beverage solutions are designed to attractively display multiple items and spark impulse buying. All stock rides securely and safely in sturdy compartments aboard a dependable Club Car Turf Utility vehicle.


Can a golf car help course managers find their way to better customer service and a richer bottom line? For years, the golf industry has waited to realize the promise of GPS. Now, a joint project between Club Car and GPS Industries promises to change the face of the industry and increase customer and course management satisfaction along the way.